About Us

 Chevy Scrounger was started by Don Lyon, Sr. 

He bought his first car a 1964 Chevy SS Impala at the age of 15. He sourced the parts and made the repairs and from that moment he was hooked. He owned over 50 different cars by the age of 18 and his love for them has never stopped. With his preference for Chevrolets, he learned all about car repairs and even how to rebuild and restore them and make a profit. 

In 1994, he decided to take his collection of parts and years of knowledge and turn it into a new business. One specializing in high performance and obsolete Chevy parts.

He raised both of his daughter and son to have a passion for and a mechanical understanding of cars. While his daughter, Amy, learned how to change her own spark plugs and make other repairs to her own cars along with helping out on the clerical side of the business, it was his son who showed the same passion for working on cars and love of the business.

Donnie Lyon, Jr. spent his youth and teen years working every day after school alongside his father in the shop. He bought his first car, a 1969 Camaro, at 15. In 2018, with Donnie having over 20 years of experience since that first car purchase, Don Lyon, Sr. retired and Donnie officially took over managing the business. With Donnie's decades of experience, he is equally knowledgeable when it comes to your parts needs. 

As with most family owned businesses, Don Sr. can still be found working around the shop and sharing his amazing car tales (plus offering tidbits of wisdom).

Now with his daughter, Amy Lyon Smith's, new website design they hope to better serve the used parts market.

For any questions, feel free to contact Donnie at: chevyscrounger@msn.com.

For issues regarding website errors or for press inquiries please contact Amy at: chevyscroungeramy@gmail.com